If you have questions about any aspect of your child’s development at any age, there are steps you can take in your community to get those questions answered:

  • Talk to a nurse during Child Health Clinics and Immunization Clinics
  • Talk to your family doctor
  • Ask your family doctor for a referral to a pediatrician to rule out possible medical factors that can contribute to delays in development
  • Talk to the people who provide early intervention services at the Child Development Centre, the Northern Health Speech and Language Clinic, and/or the North Cariboo Aboriginal Family Program Society (Longname) - a referral from a doctor is not necessary
  • Talk to your child’s teachers and school specialists

Get all the information you can locally about your child’s development.   If further assessment specific to concerns about autism is required, a doctor, a psychiatrist, or a speech-language pathologist can make a referral to the Northern Health Assessment Network (NHAN) in Prince George:



Your Child Has Been Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

...So Now What?

View our flyer on this topic for more information on:

  • Ten Quick Strategies for Helping an Autistic Child
  • Helpful Tips - You know your child best!
  • The Next Steps
  • Getting Intervention
  • Understand Your Rights

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